The Diary of a School Business Manager - Part 2

Posted by iAM Compliant on Dec 7, 2022 1:00:00 PM

Check out Clare the School Business Manager's second diary entry and watch how her day continues to unfold.

Dear diary;

It’s me again. Thought I’d better fill you in on this crazy day. I’m taking a well-deserved coffee break right now to help shake the cobwebs out.

So, let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Well, Genie, in my case. He’s still there, looking all smug. But he probably has reason to be; this new system is looking really good actually. He wanted to know all the issues I have so he could sort them out, you know, ‘your wish is my command’-type stuff. And, yes, I did ask to be whisked away to a private, sunny island surrounded by piña coladas and palm trees, but apparently this one is a compliance Genie. Which you know, was a bit of a letdown. Although still useful, I guess.

Anyway, this time I mentioned that my budget is being squeezed razor thin. Even more so than usual, cos of these huge energy bills piling up on my desk. Genie reckons that this too can be sorted by the iAM Compliant Estates Management tool. It’s a fixed-cost, affordable subscription. An all-in-one system, so it will replace a bunch of other things that I’m paying individual subscriptions for. You know, document management, incident reporting systems, the helpdesk stuff…

Also, I don’t have to purchase module by module like other systems. It’s fully inclusive of all features. Nice. That makes it one of the most affordable and comprehensive options on the market. And there’s no hidden extra costs: even the onboarding process is free!

Hey, another neat thing is that I can use it to upskill the team here on-site rather than outsourcing to those pricey contractors. It’s even got an extensive training library with hundreds of courses and blended materials to get everyone trained up. That sort of thing on its own can cost thousands of pounds, so this is a huge bargain!

That’s going to free up some much-needed cash for the school. Maybe I can finally get that new coffee machine instead of this old kettle. Hey, it is more energy-efficient, after all. I think.

Will tell you more later.


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