The Diary of a School Business Manager - Part 3

Posted by iAM Compliant on Dec 7, 2022 1:05:00 PM

Check out Clare the School Business Manager's third diary entry and watch how her day continues to unfold.

Dear diary;

Well, it’s lunchtime, so I’ve got time to tell you more about my crazy, Genie-filled day. Still can’t quite believe I wrote that.

So I was asked what my next pain-point would be, and after some thought, it’s probably that, well, I’m confused! I mean, there are SO many things to remember when you’re trying to stay compliant, right? Even taking advice on half this stuff is complex.

That’s when I was reminded again about the iAM Compliant Estates Management tool (Seriously, is there nothing it can’t do?!) Genie says that having all the different aspects of compliance, estate and risk management in one place rather than spread over multiple systems makes things much clearer. I can certainly understand that point. Having that central place will make it easy to navigate and keep up to date with everything I need to.

That’s just as well, because there’s a board meeting coming up and I need to run some reports. This tool will make reporting for senior leadership, auditors and governors so much more straightforward.

I have to hand it to Genie. It really seems like all my wishes are coming true. I’m gonna have a think about some other pain points and I’ll report back later.

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