The Diary of a School Business Manager - Part 4

Posted by iAM Compliant on Dec 7, 2022 1:10:00 PM

Check out Clare the School Business Manager's fourth diary entry and watch how her day continues to unfold.

Dear diary;

Well, it’s afternoon break. I can hear the kids running wild out there, but I really need a few minutes to catch my breath. And have a couple of biccies, of course. So, I may as well tell you about my latest conversation with Genie.

I explained that even if I decided to switch to the iAM Compliant system, I may have some trouble with staff buy-in. I mean, some of these guys have been teaching long enough to remember the invention of the chalkboard. It could take a real effort to get them to learn something completely new (as we found out when we introduced our instant messenger, remember that fiasco?!)

Seems I needn’t have worried. Genie assures me that the iAM Compliant system is really easy, and, after having a go, I definitely agree. It's got a great user experience (unlike some of the other systems which are needlessly overcomplicated). Staff can even use it to easily report premises issues to the onsite team via the helpdesk. I got Mrs Higginbotham in the maths team to try it, and if she can manage it, they all can!

As a bonus, I can set different levels of access so staff don’t get lost in the system. If they only need to action a specific task, well, I can set it so that’s all they can do. So, all that remains is explaining to staff that this staff will make their lives easier. It won’t cause them extra work, cos I know they just want to get on with their real job.

I’m seriously impressed. But you know me, I’m hard to please. I’ve probably got another pain point, so I’m just going to have a sit and think.

Will tell you about it later.

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